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S7 Embraer ERJ175 April 2017
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Exeter Airport Movements - September 2017

September Photos from Exeter International Airport

D-AHOS Embraer Emb.135 Legacy Air Hamburg

G-RONS Robin DR.400

G-TCDH Airbus A.321 Thomas Cook

HZ-SA18 Da.42 Diamond Twin Star

M-YSIX Gulfstream G650

G-GOMS Robinson R.44 Raven

Typically there are around 10 airliners stored at Exeter on disused runway 31 and North side dispersals listed here.

Archive of movements at Exeter Airport and Dunkeswell

Some pictures and airfield movements from my other local airfield - Dunkeswell
List of aircraft resident at Exeter Airport (May 2015)

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